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Embed Hack Sessions

Spring/Summer 2018

Join us for ongoing Hack Sessions to build your project.


Embed at HOBO Hotel: Exploring digital interiors

Feb 10 / 16:00 – 18:00

Some rooms simply don’t have windows and there’ll only be more in the future. Talks about artistic mapping, hotel rooms in the future and the Embed project.


Romain Tardy / Digital artist: ‘Artistic mapping and digital interiors’.
Christian Lunden / Nordic Choice: ‘The future of the hotel rooms’.
Vitali Poluzhnikov / Barkas: ‘The Embed project & digital prototyping’.
Åsa Moum / Moum Design: ‘Smart lighting for the in-room experience.’

Mingle, in-room experience and an afternoon full of discussion will take place at Hobo Hotel.

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